Turning Surplus To Purpose

Turning Surplus To Purpose

The mechanical behemoths which rise from the rocky pits of the Bowen Basin are critical pieces of machinery which continually churn coal from pit to port. But their size doesn’t make them infallible. From time to time, these monsters can be brought to their knees by the smallest component giving way, a part which can bring an entire production line to a standstill.

Having worked in drilling and mining for around 20 years, Peter King has seen the critical impact that a small part can have on big machinery. His new position at Nebo’s Minespec Parts means he plays a vital role in proving the solution, often being able to supply an urgent part within hours instead of waiting weeks, or longer, for that component to arrive from overseas.

As a 17-year-old, Peter left home to work for a drilling company. It was a complete culture shock for a teenager, who was thrust into the gruelling roster of 13-hour days, on a 20-day-on, 10-day-off, 20-night-on schedule. But this hard work ethic instilled in him the desire to learn and the determination to grow.

He took the opportunity to complete an apprenticeship as a diesel fitter in Mackay and then worked for internationally renowned OEM companies including Hastings Deering and Hitachi Equipment.

It was during this time that Peter worked on the first CAT 797F truck fleet that landed in Australia at the Burton Downs coal mine. At the time, it was the newest and largest dump truck in the world. He worked his way up the chain to become a workshop supervisor in a component rebuild centre. This depth of experience created the perfect skillset to become part of the sales management team at Minespec Parts, a business which turns surplus into purpose by sourcing old machinery, stripping it down and repurposing the parts.

Peter said that working for a business in which ‘Turns Surplus To Purpose’ in the 80T to 800T range of open cut mining machinery is a large reason as to why he decided to jump on board.

“Minespec parts is a 98 per cent sustainable and recyclable company, supplying cost-effective, new, used and refurbished parts to a diverse range of industries,” Peter said.

“Being a privately-owned company, we can help customers to achieve their requirements from start to finish, rather than placing them on a waiting list or being passed from department to department.”

Minspec Parts has recently acquired a business in NSW called Man Vs Parts, allowing the company to utilise a second facility to provide the southern states with the same quality products and fast efficient service it does from Nebo.

The hard work is rewarded when Peter gets to spend quality time with his partner and two children. His eldest daughter Bailee is a talented swimmer who aspires to represent Australia in the Olympics.

Peter is on the fast track to flying high, both in life and his career.

“A goal I have is to finish my recreational aviation ticket and be able to fly my family to our desired local holiday locations,” Peter added.

“But first, I’m excited to see where this new career path will take me.”