Kris Day makes waves at the Pittsworth Sprints

Minespec Parts was very proud to sponsor Kris Day as he raced hisĀ Datsun 1200 Coupe in the 2018 Pittsworth Sprints!

Kris did an amazing job over the weekend. The following is Kris’ update for us that we couldn’t help but share.

Congratulations, mate!



Thanks for your help last weekend, please see the attached photo after the weekend.



I have also attached the class results and the overall results, where we sit within the 200 odd cars the run on the weekend, around the 1.2km track.



We normally run on a Friday night but the racing was called off due to the rain, Saturday took off with a bang, the car (me driving) went round in its quickest time ever. Previous quickest was mid 56 second mark, this year 55.34 seconds.

Saturday we run clockwise, then on Sunday we run anti-clockwise, and the quickest I ran was 55.93, still faster than my own PB in previous years. The weekend all round was great weather, aside from the cold, after the rain on Friday night.



I have hovered in the top 3 in the past 10 years, and have held the No.1 for the class for the past 3 times on this track, and working our way up the overall standing each year, 81st last year and 72ndĀ this year.

Here’s the front page of the local paper!