Miss Universe 2020

Minespec Parts are proud to have continued our involvement as a major partner of the Miss Universe Australia program. The selection of our 2020 Australian representative was carried out in a unique format this year as we moved to a virtual National Final experience amid the Covid 19 restrictions. Twenty-eight finalists put their best foot forward in hopes of taking home the coveted title of Miss Universe Australia and the $20,000 Minespec Parts Business / Education Grant.

Leading up to the virtual final, each state team participated in photoshoots with some of Australia’s best photography, hair and makeup teams in some absolutely stunning locations. The virtual final on October 28th was a fantastic way to bring all of our finalists together, 2020 style, for a thrilling livestreamed event.




The Selection Committee, including Minespec Parts Managing Director Simon Ross, had the challenging task of selecting just one finalist to represent Australia at Miss Universe. The finalists participated in online interviews, Question and Answer, swimwear and Evening Gown segments, putting their best foot forward for the crown. After months of hard work, digital content creation, photoshoots, workshops and various challenges, it came down to just one woman. Introducing Miss Universe Australia 2020, Maria Thattil.



Maria, 27, is a digital creator and brand ambassador who works in People and Culture for the Victorian government. She has amassed a following of over 60,000 fans on Instagram where she hosts her empowerment series “Mind With Me” on IGTV. When asked about her new title Maria said “It goes to show the power of the mind and the power of perspective can enable you to overcome any obstacle and any barrier to achieve what you set out to achieve. Doing this ultimately during a pandemic is proof of that.”


Throughout the entire program, Maria was a strong advocate for Minespec parts and our partnership with Miss Universe Australia. Minespec Parts feel Maria perfectly captured the message behind our contrasting and unique partnership with Miss Universe Australia and the many ways in which we are aligned. “We are connected by a shared passion for gender parity and representation. Beyond that, I identify with what they do: they turn seemingly useless assets into real opportunities for other businesses. Turning ‘surplus into purpose.’ Knowing the people and heart behind MP fuels that connection. This has resonated with my journey. I want to be able to create value where previously we’ve been excluded, untapped and still struggle under the weight of this culture. I’m determined to stay resourceful, open and innovative. Just like Minespec Parts. Here is your reminder that sometimes – agents of change aren’t dressed up the way you would expect.” – Maria Thattil



This year, our finalists submitted some incredible business and education ideas in relation to how they would spend the $20,000 Minespec Parts grant. We were presented with many diverse interests and qualifications ranging from engineers, agriculturists, charities, teachers, lawyers, wildlife conservationists, entrepreneurs and so much more. With an abundance of intriguing and worthy investment ideas put forward this year, we are very excited to announce that our new Miss Universe Australia, Maria Thattil, is the first winner who will be investing the $20,000 Minespec Parts grant into her business start-up idea. Minespec Parts would like to congratulate all of our 2020 finalists on their remarkable efforts and performance in what has been an extremely challenging year. The team at Minespec Parts look forward to following Maria’s journey and success as Miss Universe Australia 2020 and beyond.

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Jasmine Stringer
Minespec Parts Brand Ambassador