Wild At Heart Australia


One woman, three wild horses, and 5,330km . . .

Alienor le Gouvello is no stranger to adventure and now she is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime down the spine of Australia, on horseback. We’re very proud to be sponsoring Alienor on her adventure and encourage you to do the same.

The Bicentennial National Trail, is the longest walking trail in the world. It stretches over 5,330km down the spine of Eastern Australia, from Cooktown in far North Queensland to Healesville in Victoria, and across the Great Dividing Range.

French by birth, but Australian by choice, Alienor loves Australia’s magnificent beauty. She has worked in Indigenous communities and has enormous respect for Australia’s wild places and the open hearts of its peoples.

A year ago many wild horses were passively trapped in Guy Fawkes River National Park by the National Parks Service and passed on to the not-for-profit Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Association who seek to find homes for these wild horses (sometimes known as brumbies). These wild horses are considered a pest in National Parks but are the same heritage of horses who provided the breeding stock for the stock horses who went to war and fought for our country, who are the most nimble of hoof, valiant of heart and sound of wind of any horse on the planet. These are our living history.

3 were chosen for Alienor’s adventure. Wild creatures who had never before seen humans. Although Alienor has a lifetime’s experience with horses, this was something else! One of the horses took 3 weeks for Alienor to be able to halter. Working with wild horses teaches and tests our patience, emotional resources and forces us to become one with the horse – the most healing and peaceful experience for a horse person.

For a whole year Alienor has dedicated herself to befriending and training these wild creatures. Gaining their trust. Capturing their hearts. As well as purchasing and making all the bare necessities of a year in the wilderness. The task she has set herself is enormous. If anyone can do it, Alienor can. But now she needs your help!

This is no vanity endeavour. Alienor will film her trek, capturing every step of the journey in thought, word and deed. She will bring us back the most comprehensive coverage of the Bicentennial National Trail (BNT), inspiring others, exciting armchair adventurers and showcasing the rugged natural beauty of Australia for the world to see.

With every step Alienor hopes to raise awareness of these extraordinary Heritage Horses, and the work of the Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse Association who were born out of the awful aerial culling which caused such uproar in NSW but still goes on in other states. The GFHHA have proven how to successfully manage wild horse numbers and re-acquaint horse loving Australians with their loyalty, strength, endurance and willingness.

For more information watch the video showreel here or check out Alienor’s Facebook page and Guy Fawkes Heritage Horse.